Worrying that the bank is going to take your home? Wanting to avoid foreclosure? We bring the “Aloha” that you and your family need, providing you with the right solutions to stop foreclosure today! We are real estate solution specialists here on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii working with you, with the right solution for you! With our professional “Kokua”(help), you will enjoy the time with your family again. Without the fear and worry that the bank will take your home.

We Help people like you with “Aloha” to avoid foreclosure here on the island of Maui, Hawaii. It is our “Kuleana” (responsibility) as professional real estate specialists, to offer different solutions to help homeowners that are facing foreclosure to understand their options and what’s best for them and their families.

Facing foreclosure in Maui, Hawaii is devastating and can be extremely stressful. Leaving you and your family with many concerns. Homeowners here on Maui, find themselves in a foreclosure scenario for reasons that can happen to anyone. Mortgage rates have increased ARM or other loan issues. You lost your job, you run into big medical expenses, you have credit card bills to pay, you run out of cash. Here in Maui, Hawaii where sometimes people hold 3 jobs to maintain their home life is challenging!!! Sometimes life just happens, eg. there is an pandemic and you are furlough from your job. Unfortunately, these things happen, and this can happen to anyone. If this is happening to you right now, don’t despair. Doing nothing won’t make the problem go away, taking action on the other hand, and understanding your options of how to avoid foreclosure will be beneficial for you and your family moving forward.

If you want to avoid foreclosure, we are here to “Kokua” (help)!
We offer different options and solutions for Hawaii Homeowners! Get your fair cash offer contact us today at (808) 400-5050.

Option 1: Sell your house fast for cash in Maui, Hawaii.

We buy houses in Maui, Hawaii directly from you in “AS-IS” condition, without paying 6% agent fees. We are the buyers. We buy your house no matter what condition it is in without you having to make any repairs. Whether your house has mold, fire damage, asbestos, foundation issues, termite issues. We buy houses fast, cash offers on your timeline.

No need to make repairs, No need to pay commission, no need to clean your house, no need to stage your house, no need to pay commission, no need to wait till the right buyer comes along and at the same time continue paying your mortgage, we want to buy it just as it stands today.

We use the private investor’s “Cash” to buy houses. That is how we are able to close fast and make that foreclosure go away. We are able to close quickly whilst a traditional retail buyer will receive a loan from a bank which may be approved or not, and then takes forever to close. To avoid foreclosure is to sell your house to us quickly and that is your first and best offer. Fill in the form and get a fair cash offer today without any obligations.

Option 2: The best home loan Modification.

After working 3 jobs and investing a lifetime in a home in Maui, Hawaii some families prefer to stay in their property and work something out with the bank instead of selling. Many Americans struggle to maintain their home loan payments. In some cases, a home loan modification can be a good choice. Loan Modification Experts here in Maui, Hawaii can put your best case forward with your lender, so that you would be able to keep your home. For homeowners who desperately want to keep their homes and cannot handle watching all their hard work/investment wasted, a home loan modification is an answer. There are different types of modification and there are big differences between them. You must take your time to look into them because some are financially dangerous and may leave you in a worse situation than that you came in on. Borrowing even more money on an already underwater home in order to catch up on delinquent payments is DEFINITELY NOT A SOLUTION. The principal reduction does seem to be working better, few borrowers are re- defaulting after they receive one. It’s not easy to obtain the principal reduction however nowadays lenders are starting to give up to 40%
approval rate. You have only one shot to get a modification, therefore we suggest consulting an expert or attorney to put your best case forward with the lender so that you keep your home. For those who want a fresh start maybe relocate or downsize etc. Da House, LLC is here to help. Da House, LLC will give you a solution to AVOID foreclosure. Will provide you with reputable resources to strengthen your financial situation even if you are underwater.

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Want to Sell your house fast in Maui, Hawaii “AS-IS”?

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Need to avoid foreclosure? Want to sell your house fast in Maui, Hawaii.

We buy houses “AS-IS”, on your timeline, no need to clean the house, no need repairs, no need
to pay commissions, no need to stage the house and wait till the right buyer comes along. We
are the buyers and we pay Cash today.

Get your fair cash offer contact us today at (808) 400-5050